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Party Wins: Creating a Holiday Party Series for Food Network

April 8, 2018

When a gluten free cracker brand wants a party — you give them some CHEESE. Quite literally. We created four party themes including this over-the-top cheesy party for Q4. And the results are delicious.

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Circle of Thanks

April 24, 2016

American Greetings came to us with an ambitious project – to find a circle of people who were connected through gratitude, eventually leading to the first person of the chain. After some searching, we found two inspirational stories of thanks. …

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Working with Influencers: iJustine

April 23, 2016

It’s always a lot of fun working with talent people recognize. iJustine is a tech influencer with 2.8 million subs on YouTube. She’s a pro – and for this series we engaged her for a three part series to reveal …

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Kia Series: The New Way

We did a docu-style series on inventors, tinkerers and people who were looking at things in a “new way”. For this we researched and did outreach to find good candidates who were willing to let us spend a couple of …

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Emoji Lawn Art

For this project we found two groundskeepers who were known for the designs they make in grass on baseball fields. These two were capable of mowing emojis in the grass. I learned a ton about types of grass and how …


Happy Chinese New Year and more exploring

March 10, 2016

My blog updates are becoming too few and far between. My iPhone collects images from the many new restaurants and streets I visit, although though my Canon hasn’t come out of its bag in too long. That needs to change. …

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Mizzou G.O.L.D. award

I was just notified that I’m the recipient of the Mizzou G.O.L.D. award for outstanding service to the University for a graduate that is fewer than 10 years out after graduation. Such an honor! I have to gather my thoughts so I can …


One year in NYC

August 10, 2012

My mom just got me a beach umbrella. This is really quite an exciting concept to a Kansas girl — the fact that I’m going to the beach SO much that I need my own beach umbrella. Life is good.


New York, I love you

January 16, 2012

Take a look over New York — It’s fabulous. I’m loving living here. Now that the job thing is out of the way, I’m dedicating my time to working hard, exploring the city and being amazed every day even by …


Welcome 2012!

January 4, 2012

The past year has been an exciting, whirlwind of a ride. I started 2011 living in Spain teaching English in a rural village. I ended the year celebrating my new life in New York as a video producer. That’s right: …