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New York, I love you

Take a look over New York — It’s fabulous.

I’m loving living here. Now that the job thing is out of the way, I’m dedicating my time to working hard, exploring the city and being amazed every day even by the small things.

My mom got me a membership to the Met for Christmas, so I can go whenever I want. I’ve checked out a ton of museums including the Guggenheim and the Frick museums. The best thing is that there are SO many more great things to see and museums to explore. Some are even free!

No pants subway ride

Yes, the no pants ride was indeed free, though not necessarily the type of event I enjoy most. I wonder if people ever get tired of seeing silly things like this on the subway or in New York in general? It’s fun and amazing!

While I may get tired of seeing people riding the subways without pants, I’ll never get tired of the options. I sometimes hear “You live in New York? I could never live there. It’s so big!” While it’s true New York is not for everyone, it’s certainly worth a “trying chance”.

I equate NYC to my choice of the University of Missouri, a huge state school. To many it might be considered too big to have any real impact, although it quickly became clear that you could make it as big or as small as you wanted. I had a plethora of options, which was great. A small school can’t be any bigger than it is already.

New York has more than a plethora of options, which I look forward to continue exploring. Last week — hot chocolate food crawl. This week — first meeting with my dodgeball team. Next week — who knows, but it should be great!

Cheers, New York.

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