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Mas Semana Santa: Domingo de Resurrección

See video from the processions of Semana Santa.

The rain stayed on Holy Friday so all of the people flocked inside of the church to see the floats.

Santa Maria

Coat of arms of the Nuestro Padre Jesus Cofradia

Easter Sunday

The crowds gather. Each moment more and more join the throng, some blocking the intersection around the Fuente de Santos.

Outdoor crowds have not gathered in some time since the processions in the last several days were forced to stay indoors due to the rain. On this Easter Sunday, the clouds compete against the sun for a while, but then the sun prevails and the procession goes forth from Santa Catalina.

Santa Catalina

The procession on Domingo de Resurreccion is unique. First the Mary Magdalene and Saint Juan and Saint Peter floats (smaller floats operated by four young men) come from the direction of Santa Catalina. They are followed by the Virgin Mary float. The small floats run up and down the hill announcing to Jesus where the Virgin Mary is. They next tell Mary that Christ has risen. (The video includes the running of the floats).

Las mujeres con unas mantillas

Arriba Jesus!

When the Jesus float comes back down the hill, it finally meets the Virgin Mary float. It is a joyous meeting: first balloons and then pigeons are released. The eruption of energy is palpable as the crowd cheers and claps.

The back end of the two floats rise up, releasing two smaller floats that meet in the middle to give eachother a kiss, the common Spanish greeting. They meet again in the plaza for more of the spectators to view.

At first I found this a bit confusing, but once it was explained to me, I felt much more in the know. At the end, all the floats return to Santa Catalina, bringing Semana Santa to a close. Still, the celebration goes on in the plaza, bars and restaurants of Jerez as the whole town is out to celebrate Easter in their Sunday best.

What an end to an exciting week! Interacting floats, balloons and birds! I have never celebrated a Holy Week or Easter like this. I think the U.S. could learn a few things from Spain. The bunny pales in comparison.

Oh, my life is a movie. And this would be the point in the movie that I’m self-reflexive, thinking about all the memories I’ve had here, which would make a killer montage. However, I’ll leave that for the end.

I still have a month left.

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(Maybe when people ask how my week was at work, I should stop saying “normal.”)

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