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Kapi — a family affair

The warm glow of Kapi invites visitors to take a break from the cold for a caña or a café. Order a drink and a tapa will come as well as a conversation — either with those who have taken a stool by the bar or with the men behind it.

Augustin Garrillo Mguilar opened Kapi 30 years ago. He worked at nearby restaurant, Casino de Socio, for 18 years before opening Kapi. At first it was a small bar, and then Mguiliar bought the candy store next door to expand. Now Kapi has a dining room serving meat, seafood and traditional, Extremenian foods.


Kapi is a family business – and Mguliar’s son Augustin Garrillo Soriano works by his side every day. Soriano came to work for his dad after he finished with school. He says their relationship changes. Soriano says they are sometimes father and son and other times they are employer and employee.

Soriano does not believe the recession (crisis in Spanish) has affected them. He says Kapi has been around 30 years and will continue to serve food and drinks for many more.

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