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It’s where I first flew into. Alone. 8 months ago. I stayed there for a night before I headed on my Spanish adventure. I visited again in October, but it felt surreal to come back so many months later as I’m drawing an end to my Spanish experience.

Everything about my life feels surreal. When I get back Stateside in two weeks, I will think, “Hmmm, well that was a good dream. Wait, it was just a dream right? Or was it?” Cue music and dream sequence.

I was feeling pretty antsy to go to the beach so I visited a few friends I hadn’t seen since I visited Lisbon for Halloween. I have heard that the water in Portugal is cold. Well, the beaches are beautiful and the water is refreshing. I can’t compare it to the Spanish beaches … yet. Two weeks to get to a Spanish beach.

My dad has always told me that he has wanted to go to Portugal, to hang out and eat good seafood by the water. Well pops, this trip was for you.

After a full day at the beach, we found a restaurant with a patio overlooking the water. We ate at a time where we could watch the sunset. After the clams, the shrimp and the white sangria, I felt like I was really living. The day was so pleasant and relaxing, I didn’t want to leave. Dad, I toasted to you.

These experiences don’t make me want to go back stateside, however they do make me want to travel the world and explore what the world has to offer. No, it’s not cheap to make a trip overseas. Nor is it easy to get vacation days when I get a job. However it is something I want to make a priority. Yes, I’m going back to my country, however I can always come back. This is not the end of my life of traveling.

So, while I look back on my experiences, how far I’ve come in eight months, I get a little misty eyed. I will do a full recap on my blog when I’m back and can let the experience sink in a bit more. Currently, I’m just feeling like life has been good to me.

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